Red Forest Records is an independent record label currently based in Northern Wisconsin. Founded in 2013 by independent composer Nate Sheppard and his wife, Andrea, Red Forest Records seeks to help create and promote beautiful, excellent and intriguing art by providing opportunities for artists to further their craft through community and collaboration.

We have helped independent musicians hone their craft by providing music production resources such as recording opportunities, song-crafting education, and live performances. Feel free to contact us for more information on services we provide or events we are hosting.


Red Forest Records started as an idea to provide easy, affordable, and simple ways for independent musicians to develop their craft. The goal was to find ways to create recording and performing experiences for musicians who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. It steadily grew into a small community of musicians and artists who were passionate about making art in the context of community and for the benefit of others.

Originally located in Maple Grove, MN, RFR put on 5 house shows within the span of a year and a half, bringing in local artists and sometimes even national artists to put on unique musical and artistic experiences in the cozy context of a house. Dubbed The Grove Concert House, this location provided a perfect atmosphere for good tunes and great company. Free gourmet coffee and tea were always provided and hundreds of connections were made.

Now RFR has relocated to the beautiful Northwoods of Rhinelander, WI where they continue to look for ways to promote art and community.


The Studio

RFR is always looking for affordable and effective ways to improve their sound and forge into new sonic territories by utilizing a variety of instruments and techniques. We are always interested in new sounds and approaches to music, so feel free to contact us to see about booking time in our new Northwoods studio.